At EZPOT, we are on a mission to redefine convenience in cooking. Our innovative electric cookware is designed to liberate you from the hassles of traditional meal preparation.

Cook anything, anywhere.

Utilizing its innovative thermal technology, the electric EzPot is capable of quickly and effectively heating up your meal with a mere 200 watts of power.

Say goodbye to the hassle of cooking.

EzPot's compact design effortlessly fits into small kitchens, dormitories, offices, or camping trips. Its non-stick coating ensures effortless cleaning, allowing EzPot to effortlessly regain its pristine state after every meal.

Wicked Smart

The EzPot features an intuitive power-level system that allows you to easily switch between two power levels, heating up in just two minutes. In the event of any problems, the EzPot will automatically shut off to protect against damage.

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The EasyPot
The EasyPot
The EasyPot
The EasyPot
The EasyPot
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The EasyPot

The EasyPot

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Introducing Your New Kitchen Essential: The Multi-Functional Electric Hot Pot

Upgrade your cooking game with our versatile Electric Hot Pot! This kitchen wonder is not your average electric cooker; it's a game-changer for home chefs, students, campers, and anyone looking for a convenient and efficient way to cook.


  • Cooking Capacity: 1.5L (full load capacity)
  • Power: Adjustable from 150W to 600W
  • Safety Features: Over-heating protection and boil-dry protection
  • Coating: Food-grade non-stick coating
  • Usage: Ideal for cooking, sautéing, frying, boiling, reheating, making tea, and more
  • Easy to Store: Compact size makes it perfect for dorms, small kitchens, and on-the-go cooking

Key Features:

1. Cook & Sauté Without a Stove:

Our electric hot pot not only cooks your favorite dishes but also allows you to sauté foods effortlessly. From steaks and chicken to fried rice and eggs, you can do it all. It's the ultimate kitchen multitasker!

2. Easy Cleaning & Healthy Cooking:

The non-stick pot liner ensures that your food won't stick, making cleanup a breeze. You'll use less oil, which means healthier and more eco-friendly cooking. Say goodbye to toxins and hello to safe, non-toxic meals.

3. Adjustable Temperatures:

Safety first! Our hot pot is equipped with overheating and boil dry protection. Plus, you can adjust the power from 150W to 600W, giving you control over your cooking temperature for perfect results every time.

4. Easy to Store & Portable:

With its compact size, our 1.5L electric hot pot is perfect for one-person households, dorms, or anyone who needs a portable cooking solution. Planning a picnic or a trip? Take it with you for delicious meals on the go!

5. The Perfect Gift:

Give the gift of convenient cooking! Our electric hot pot is an excellent choice for its versatility, elegant design, and the promise of delicious meals. It's a gift that keeps on giving, making meal prep a breeze.

Upgrade your cooking experience and add this multi-functional Electric Hot Pot to your kitchen arsenal. Whether you're a busy student, a cooking enthusiast, or just looking for a practical gift, this hot pot is your solution to convenient, efficient, and delicious meals. Don't wait; get yours today!






"Cooking has never been this convenient! The EzPot's thermal technology is a game-changer. It's incredible how it can heat up my meals with just 200 watts. Whether I'm in my cozy bed or out camping, making my favorite dishes is a breeze."

Sarah M.

"I can't believe I ever cooked without the EzPot. Its compact design is a lifesaver in my small kitchen. Plus, cleanup is a snap thanks to the non-stick coating. This little pot has changed my cooking game!"

Micheal A.

"EzPot is wicked smart! The power-level system is so intuitive, and I love that it heats up in just two minutes. Safety is a top priority, and I appreciate that it automatically shuts off if needed. It's a must-have for every kitchen."

Emily W.

"Quick meals on the go have never been easier. I'm amazed at how fast EzPot heats up water. And the best part? The outside stays cool to the touch, so I can use it anywhere without worrying about burns. This is a game-changer for busy folks!"

Alex K.

"I was worried about delivery times, but EzPot's customer service is fantastic. Even though it took a little longer due to high demand, they kept me informed and even offered credit. The wait was totally worth it for such a fantastic product!"

David J.
What Does It Have To Offer?

Portable & Compact Design - Designed to be lightweight and easy to carry.

Rapid Heating - With a powerful heating element, the pot reaches the max cooking temperature in just 2 minutes

Enhanced Safety - Insulated rubber coating keeps your hand safe, minimizing the risk of burns while cooking


EzPot is designed to save you time in the kitchen. It takes just 2 minutes for EzPot to heat up water, making it perfect for cooking quick meals on the go. Whether you're in a hurry or simply craving a fast and delicious dish, EzPot has got you covered.

Your safety is our priority. With EzPot's advanced insulation, only the inside of the pot gets hot. You can rest assured that all sides of the outside of EzPot will remain cool to the touch and safe to use anywhere. No need to worry about accidental burns or discomfort.

Absolutely! EzPot's compact and versatile design is perfect for small kitchens, dormitories, offices, and even camping trips. Its portability and ease of use make it the ideal solution for cooking in confined spaces or while on the move.

We understand your excitement to start cooking with EzPot. Due to high demand, orders may take 8-12 business days to arrive. In the unlikely event of a delay, we will gladly offer you credit. Your patience is greatly appreciated as we work hard to get your EzPot to you as quickly as possible.

Yes, it is! EzPot's power-level system is designed with simplicity in mind. With just a few easy settings, you can switch between two power levels effortlessly. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a beginner in the kitchen, our user-friendly system ensures that your dishes are cooked to perfection.